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Tree Safe - Tree Surgery &

Arboricultural Consultancy Services



At Tree Safe we have an excellent safety record and comply with the latest professional quality standards in Tree Surgery and Arboriculture. All tree surgery work in Leamington Spa and accross Warwickshire is undertaken and completed to the British Standard BS3998: Recommendations for Tree Works.


As you would expect we have comprehensive public liability insurance for your peace of mind.




Listed below is the full range of our tree pruning and trimming services:

•    Tree Felling
•    Tree Pruning
•    Tree Surgery
•    Removal Of Dead & Dangerous Trees
•    Crown Reductions / Thinning / Lifting
•    Tree Surveys & Reports for mortgages
•    Stump Grinding
•    Tree Surveys/Reports
•    Domestic & Commercial contracts


Tree Safe – Tree Surgeons of Leamington Spa provide professional

Tree Surgery by qualified Tree Surgeons and Arborists, covering

the Warwickshire area.  Our training & qualifications are covered

by £10,000,000 Public Liability Insurance, Employers Liability and

Professional Imdenity, ensuring all your tree work and surveying is

in safe hands.


We undertake Tree felling operations in domestic gardens, public

open spaces and highways. Should the tree be in a location or

condition whereby it cannot be felled, Tree Safe can carefully dismantle

dead, dangerous and dying trees, either by climbing the tree, using rope

and harness and carefully lowering individual sections of the tree.

When the tree is too dangerous to be climbed and felling is not a viable

option, then a mobile work elevation platform (MEWP) can be used to

dismantle the tree.


Should there not be access or room for the MEWP then Tree Safe are

trained to remove the tree with the use of a crane, lifting the tree in

large sections over buildings, roads, rivers and other obstacles to an

area where the tree can be safely processed.


As trained, qualified and experienced tree surgeons, we can undertake Crown pruning operations such as Percentage Crown reductions, crown thinning, dead wooding, crown lifting and epicormic growth removal. We pride ourselves in undertaking tree pruning operations with care and consideration to the health and appearance of the tree. Good quality tree work should be sympathetic to the tree and take into account the responsive growth rate and growth formation of the individual species of the tree.


If a weakness in a tree is identified, removal of this part is not always the answer. On many occasions, the removal of these defects leaves the tree looking unsightly, unbalanced and questionable as to whether or not the safety of the tree has actually been improved.


Tree Safe specialise in providing remedial tree surgery recommendations that are proportional to the level of risk posed by the tree. Mechanical aids such as bracing systems can be installed in the crown of the tree to reduce the level of risk from a significant defect whilst leaving the appearance of the tree unaffected, where this is not possible selective limb weight reduction can become an option limiting the impact on the appearance of the tree work.


Tree Safe also specialise in the removal of dangerous Trees and branches following high winds and storm damage. In the event of an emergency contact us on 01926 870050.


Tree Safe are fully qualified, having completed professional arboricultural courses at Morton Morrell College, including the Royal Forestry Certificate in Arboriculture and the Arboricultural Association Technicians Certificate in Arboriculture and NPTC Qualifications in Tree Surgery and Forestry  works. This training & qualification is covered by £10,000,000 Public Liability Insurance, Employers Liability Insurance and Professional Imdenity, ensuring all your tree work and surveying is in safe hands.


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